The International Society of Animal Assisted Therapy (ISAAT) is an interdisciplinary and multi-professional organization whose main task is to accredit education and training in the field of animal assisted interventions (Full Program) and professional Human-Dog-Teams for AAI (Basic Training).  It is networked with national and international organizations. ISAAT is organized as a registered association based in Luxembourg.

ISAAT’s goal is to carry out the international and interdisciplinary accreditation of education and training in the field of animal-assisted interventions. The organization aims to ensure a high quality of education and training and to create market transparency. This results in an increased attractivity of ISAAT accredited courses and promotes the comparability of degrees. Only institutions that offer continued education and are accredited, are eligible to promote the accreditation publicly and are permitted to display the ISAAT-logo on the participants confirmation sheet.

An additional goal of ISAAT is to have persons, who graduated from an accredited continuous education program, gain official recognition in the capacity of a specialist for animal assisted intervention in their respective professional field of work and/or at their work as Human-Dog-Teams.



The International Society of Animal Assisted Therapy (ISAAT) was officially founded on November 11th, 2006, in Zurich, by representatives of various universities and private institutions in Japan, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

ISAAT’s goal was to assure a sustained development of quality for institutions that offer education and training in animal assisted interventions. Furthermore, it was intended to promote the recognition of animal assisted interventions as an important and valid method in the fields of medicine, therapy, and education, while focusing on the salutogenetic effect.  

ISAAT founding members were Prof. Dr. Erhard Olbrich, Prof. Mitsuaki Ohta, Livia Nocerini, Ingrid Stephan, Robert Tanner-Frick, PD Dr. Dennis C. Turner.

ISAAT’s first president was Prof. Dr. Erhard Olbrich, formerly University of Erlangen.

ISAAT’s first secretary was PD Dr. Dennis C. Turner, formerly University of Zurich.


ISAAT’s aims to enhance and accelerate the development of animal assisted interventions on an international scale. It further intends to facilitate comparability between education and training degrees in animal assisted interventions and/or professional Human-Dog-Team-Trainings for AAI.

ISAAT’s primary goal is to promote a sound education and training program of high quality in animal assisted interventions on an international scale. The support of an establishment that reflects a culture of quality within institutions that offer education and training is our mission.

As a registered association, ISAAT is not influenced by any government and independent in the sense of academic standards and traditions.



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